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Time for change

In June 2005 it was time to take our fledgling business full time. That was when I devoted my career to the art of photography.

With camera in hand I made my first road trip across the USA from Boston to San Francisco. The first of many adventures around the world. In the next fifteen years I saw amazing places, met the most wonderful people and had a ball.

For just over a decade I have been blogging about my trips and have published photographs from many journeys. Six continents, over sixty countries

In November 2019 it is time to bring our blog up to date. We will post a new style of articles on a range of subjects.

But we won't be consigning all of our older posts to history. A few of them have been consolidated here. Amazing memories from that special decade and a half.

The Mud Mosques of Bani

The village of Bani in the north of Burkina Faso is close to the border with Mali. I was up at first light to watch the sun rising behind the mud mosques scattered around the edge of the village on a quite unforgettable morning.

The shutter art of Kloto in Togo

Togo, West Africa in 2008 and we reached the tiny village of Kloto. I was drawn to the artwork adorning the doors of some of the village houses. Noticing my interest a young boy lead me through a network of streets an alleyways and an outdoor art gallery.

Rent-a-monk in Myanmar

I arranged for a local photographer to help me to create some images in Myanmar. The early morning rays were shining through the trees but there was something missing. We decided the scene needed a monk. No Problem! We stopped a passer by on his motor bike who went off to the local village and returned with this little chap.

Wonders of California

How can I select just one image from those remarkable mornings in the Golden State? Up at 4 am each day to photograph California's wonderful landscapes. The chosen image is daybreak over Mono Lake. But it could just as easily been the dawn at the Alabama Hills or Badwater Basin. So much choice.

Giant Buddha of Bago

The town of Bago is a couple of hours drive from Yangon (Rangoon) in Myanmar (Burma). I read in a travel guide the town described as a sort of Disneyland of Buddhism. A little harsh! The writer was referring to the sheer volume of colourful Buddhist statues dotted all over the place. The magnificent gigantic sleeping Buddha just on the edge of town was the most impressive of them all.

The Beatles - Greenwich Village

From a mural in Greenwich Village depicting the history of modern music. This section features the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elton John. There can be nowhere in the world more suitable than the Village for an artwork like this.

Mercantile Store - Jackson, Montana, USA

The tiny village of Jackson, Montana was my home for a couple of nights in 2011. The pink skies at the end of a stormy day provide a perfect backdrop to this old store. Pure Americana.

Going to Market in Addis Ababa

A shepherd walks his goats through the streets of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia on the way to market. Addis was the jumping off point for my journey into the Omo Valley the home to many indigenous tribes. I felt priviliged to visit the area before it became a tourist circus.

The Bayon, Angkor, Cambodia

An incredible adventure in Cambodia with my driver Mr Wu. The Bayon is one of the remarkable temple structures to be found in the ancient city of Angkor. Captured here on a cloudy day just a few of the 216 giant stone faces are visible. One of the world's most amazing locations.

The Blue Swallow Motel - Tucumcari, New Mexico, USA

Is this Route 66’s most iconic location? Route 66 travellers and officionados know this location well and it has been photographed a million times. Here the Motel at twilight features the old Pontiac belonging to the Motel’s new owners Nancy and Kevin. And a word about this lovely couple – if you want a perfect greeting and an authentic Route 66 experience, then drop in on them. You won't be disappointed.

Monument Valley - the Wild West

Monument Valley on the Arizona – Utah border has been the base for many westerns and photographed by many people. Of all the views on offer, this one looking through the Northern Window is my favourite. Scattered clouds and the early evening light contributed to a photograph I like very much.

Colonia - Uruguay

Colonia de Scaramento in Uruguay, just a short boat ride from Buenos Aires. This Citroen with a tree growing out of it is one of many old vehicles scattered around this charming city.

Ston - Croatia's Hidden Gem

Ston in Coatia

The wonderful town of Ston, an hour North of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Ston has three attractions – the longest wall in the world after the great wall of China; the mussel and oyster farms where lunch or dinner stops are a must, and the salt pans alongside the salt factory. A quite wonderful location.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge Wiltshire England

A chink of light and Stonehenge is transformed. I wandered around Stonehenge on a drab day and was about to leave my photograph for tomorrow. As I was about to head off the weather changed. A break in the clouds allowed the sun to shine through onto the ruins, and bingo! It only takes a minute for a subject to be transformed by light changes.

Buddhas in a circle

Buddhas in Sagaing Myanmar

Forty five buddhas in the crescent shaped collonade at Sagaing Hill in Burma. The location is Umin Thounzeh, which translates to thirty caves, just outside the wonderful location that is Sagaing, an hours drive from Mandalay.

Snow in the Yorkshire Dales, England

Ribblehead Viaduct in the snow

Snow in the Yorkshire Dales - absoloutely beautiful. A flying visit took me to Malham, Settle, Horton in Ribblesdale, Sedbergh, Pendragon Castle and Ribblehead Viaduct – pictured here. My base was Grassington where purely by chance I came across the Grassington Lodge. A lovely high quality B&B which I thoroughly recommend.

Namibian Ghost Town, Elizabeth Bay

Namibian Ghost Town Elizabeth Bay

Deserted houses at the former Diamond mine at Elizabeth Bay in Namibia. This modern day ghost town is a photographer's paradise.

The World's Most Beautiful Church

<p>The Church of San Francisco at Salta in North East Argentina.</p>

The Church of San Francisco at Salta in North East Argentina. Beautiful by day, and even more spectacular by night.

Shot down in Papua New Guinea

Aircraft wreck, Medang, Papua New Guinea

A feature of a memorable trip to Papua New Guinea was the second world war legacy in the form of the many wrecks and relics dotted around the country. This old plane was one of several to be found at Medang in West New Britain.

Rodeo in Chile

Rodeo Chile

A rodeo just outside San Pedro de Atacama. On the day I visited there were only locals present. Despite being rather conspicuous I received the warmest of welcomes.

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