Hanging Pictures

How to hang prints and other artwork.

 How to hang a print

Practical tips

There are many online articles covering the practicalities of hanging artwork - what tools to use, the fixings that should be applied etc. in this brief guide we focus on just two important points - positioning prints on the wall, and the different hanging devices used on prints bought from us.

Positioning artwork on the wall

As a rule of thumb, when hanging a single print without any furniture as a distraction, ensure that the vertical centre of the prints is 5ft 6in to 5ft 9in off the ground. This is the viewing height of an average person. Centre it horizontally within its space, which might be from one she of a wall to the other, or from the edge of a cupboard to the edge of the wall.

If there is a significant piece of furniture, such as a sofa or desk, and the print is large, position it centrally above the item of furniture. The height will also need to be adjusted to take account of the furniture. There is no general rule for height in theis case.

If more than one piece of art is being hung on a wall wwithout the distraction of a piece of furniture, apply the 5ft 6in to 5ft 9in rule to height, but space the pictures equally along the wall, or in a cluster centralised together. If there is more than one picture and significant items of furniture, again, there is no general rule.

At the end of the day how to position a print is a matter of personal preference, and the above should be taken as a guide.

The hanging mechanisms fixed to our prints

Our framed prints and canvases are supplied ready to hang.

If they are supplied with a cord, they should be hung by the cord onto picture hooks or screws fixed to the wall.

If they are not supplied with a cord one must not be fitted. Instead the print should be fixed to the wall by the metal fixings attached to the frame. This fixing mechanism is typically used with larger prints. if you do fix a cord between these two fixings it will weaken them and may damage the frame. These fixings are designed to take pressure vertically and not horizontally via the attachment of a cord.

Acrylic or dibond panels are hung via a subframe. They are supplied with a wall hanger with a lip that needs to be fixed to the wall. The artwork is hung by placing the subframe over the lip of the hanger.

If you need additional information on hanging a print, please give us a call.

 How to hang print using d rings

D Rings

D Rings are supplied with a cord. Pictures supplied with D Rings should be fixed to the wall by hanging the cord over a screw or picture hook.

 How to hang a print using strap hangers

Strap Hangers

Strap Hangers are not supplied with a cord and one should not be fixed. Pictures supplied with Strap Hangers are usually heavier. They should be hung by fixing screws into the wall – one for each strap. The loop of the strap should be hung from the screws in the wall. It is essential that no cord is fixed between the straps, which will weaken the structure and can cause the pictures to fall off the wall.

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