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Leaving gifts - made to order

We have sold many of our prints as leaving presents for work colleagues on the move. Other prints have been bought as retirement gifts.

Fine art photographic prints make excellent leaving presents. Because all of our prints are produced to order we can personalize them for clients. They can be produced in any size. All are signed and numbered from limited editions. You can request a special number from the edition. We can insert a personalised message under the print “From the team at ABB. We will miss you”, “Good luck in your retirement” or any other message.

If you are buying the gift we will help you by making the purchase as easy as possible. You may not yet know what you want or how much you can spend. But you will certainly need it in time for the leaving party. Call us as early as you can and we will help you with your purchase. If you buy from us you will be able to rely upon a high quality, original gift that your colleague will treasure.

We produce all of our artwork to the customer’s requirements. This means in any size, framed or unframed, or as a canvas or acrylic panel. In this short post I will give examples of just a few gifts chosen by customers.

The Framed London Triptych

We were contacted by a lady from a well known City institution. She needed a picture and needed it in a hurry. The brief was to produce a triptych (series of three pictures in a single frame) featuring iconic scenes of the City of London as a leaving present. This was the result, turned round in three days and delivered to the customer one day ahead of the leaving party.

Framed photograph of City of London triptych as leaving present

Framed photograph of City of London triptych

Large Panorama of the Houses of Parliament

An executive assistant from a management consultancy called us, on a Friday. She needed a very large framed print of the Houses of Parliament to be delivered to her office for a leaving party, again within three days. This print was delivered, again a day ahead of schedule and we had another happy customer.

Houses of Parliament

Framed photograph of the Houses of parliament

Framed Print of the London Skyline

An example of a familiar situation. A bank needed a print as a gift but did not know which until the retiree's wife had been consulted. As the collection had not yet gone round all departments the amount available to spend was not known. But, whatever was chosen, we knew it had to be delivered in time for the leaving party. Working with the customer we decided on a framed print of St Paul’s Cathedral. The size would depend on how much money was available. This was a real rushed job! Our final instruction was received with a days notice. The print was delivered to the venue, just before the leaving party started.

Framed photograph of City of London Skyline as leaving present

Framed photograph of City of London Skyline

Flexibility is the norm

Because we are a small family company we are not bound by rigid rules and schedules. Our promise is that we will do everything we can to get artwork to you when you need it. All of our artwork is produced to order, which means the customer gets their print exactly how they want it. If you are London based we can use taxis to deliver to you at short notice. If you are located elsewhere we need an extra day to allow for delivery by courier.

And best of all our products are not expensive. Your made to order, personalized framed print can cost from as little as £85 + VAT.

To start searching for your leaving present or retirement gift, visit the online gallery now or call us on 01992 535344.

Popular Leaving Gifts

Featured here are some of the prints of London customers have chosen as leaving gifts. These pictures serve as a memorable reminder of times in London. Get in touch to discuss ideas!


Tower Bridge and City Skyline 17
London - England
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St Pauls Cathedral beneath a blue sky at dawn

St Pauls Cathedral 8
London - England
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Waterloo Bridge at Dawn

Waterloo Bridge at Dawn
London - England
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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge 9
London - England
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Night image St Pauls in white - Southwark Bridge in purple

St Pauls - Southwark Bridge 3
London - England
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City of London skyline viewed from Greenwich under an orange sky.

City Skyline from Greenwich 5
London - England
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St Pauls Cathedral and patterned sky  in black and white

St Pauls Cathedral 22
London - England
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Dramatic City of London Skyline in black and white

City Skyline 2
London - England
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City of London Skyline

City Skyline 1
London - England
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