Panoramic image of London Skyline at night in glorious colour

2010's - A Decade
of London Photography

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A decade of London photography seen through a single photograph from each of ten years. The 2010's was a dynamic period of change in the city. An investment boom followed the global financial crisis of 2008. By the end of the decade in 2019 more than 500 new London skyscrapers were in the pipeline. This is one of three reviews of the 2010's. Alongside this London series you can view the Colour and the Black and White collections. Enjoy browsing these images from a wonderful ten years.

2010: Docklands

A perfect reflection of London's Docklands and the Isle of Dogs in the River Thames at dawn. The city was still feeling the effects of the global financial crisis which stalled construction for several years.

Docklands and Isle of Dogs, 2010

London Docklands, 2010

2011: Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

Two London icons at dusk. Photographed before new colourful, and energy efficient lighting had been installed on Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge and Tower of London at Dusk

Tower Bridge and Tower of London, 2011

2012: Southwark Bridge

London's Olympic summer of 2012 and beautiful lighting along the River Thames.

Southwark Bridge, 2012

Southwark Bridge, 2012

2013: Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station in red and white. A unique sighting photographed by chance.

Battersea Power Station in red and white

Battersea Power Station, 2013

2014: London Eye

London Eye in Blue. A change of sponsor later in the decade and blue became red. Red will become pink in early 2020.

London Eye in Blue at dusk

London Eye, 2014

2015: London Cityscape

This skyline looked wonderful in 2015 as new skyscrapers had been constructed and few cranes were visible. At other times in the decade construction work made this vista much less attractive.

Panoramic View of the London Skyline, 2015

Panoramic View of the London Skyline, 2015

2016: Westminster

2.30 am and first light along with it some wonderful colours comes early in June.

Westminster Skyline, 2016

Daybreak at Westminster 2016

2017: Waterloo Bridge

A London Bus crosses Waterloo Bridge during the mother of all sunrises.

London Bus Sunrise Waterloo Bridge

A London Bus on Waterloo Bridge

2018: City of London

A new addition amongst the futuristic buildings of one of London's financial districts. The Scalpel on the left joins the Willis and Lloyds buildings.

Scalpel Willis Building and Lloyds Building 2018

The City of London, 2018

2019: Battersea Power Station

Construction work has dramatically changed the appearance of this London icon. A glance at the similar view from 2013 above shows the pace of change.

Battersea Power Station Moon 2019

Moon over Battersea Power Station, 2019

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