Photos of the Shard

The Shard is a relative newcomer to the London skyline. But with other buildings being erected and several others planned it seems like a forerunner of the changing London horizon.

If have taken many photos of the Shard over the past few years. Some during construction but many more since the building was completed in 2012

The Shard is the tallest building in Europe, but only the second tallest free standing structure in the UK. (In case you’re interested its Emley Moor Tower in Huddersfield, Yorkshire that  beats it.). But can you believe The Shard is ranked as low as 62 in the table of the World’s tallest buildings? The Shard is 87 storeys, and the view from the top is quite spectacular. The building was designed by the architect Renzo Piano.

Several new photos of the Shard have been added to the Mr Smith World Photography London collection. There are numerous great vantage points in the city from which the Shard can be viewed. I have added several of these in the collection.

I am featuring three photos of the Shard in this blog post. The first was shot from beneath the Millennium Bridge on the banks of the River Thames. This is one of my favourite views of the structure.

Photos of the Shard and Millennium Bridge

Photos of the Shard: 1

The second shows the Shard and Tower Bridge at dusk and was shot from Wapping.

The Shard and Tower Bridge at dusk

Photos of the Shard: 2

The third image features the tip of the Shard photographed on a cloudy evening a couple of  weeks ago.

Summit of the Shard at night

Photos of the Shard: 3

As intimated in the opening paragraph, the London skyline is changing. The Heron Tower,  the “Cheesegrater” and the “Walkie Talkie” are three other buildings which have made the landscape look very different from just a few years ago.

To view more photos of the Shard and other London locations visit the online gallery.


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