Bronx Photographs

The last few hours of my recent trip to New York City were spent with Alexandra Maruri of Bronx Historical Tours.

This proved to be a very rewarding experience as I was shown round some of the magnificent street art of the Bronx.

The work on display has been curated by the TAG Public Arts project. My understanding is that aims are two fold – to improve the urban landscapes within the Bronx and to give exposure to the artists who create the work.

The project was founded by J. SinXero Beltran. A highlight of my visit was the opportunity to chat with James Sexer Rodriguez who kindly dropped by to meet us. His works are a feature of the project.

There are many other blogs covering the TAG initiative. I hope that through this short post I can introduce a few more people to the project.

Most visitors to New York City do not include the Bronx in their itineraries. But my fleeting visit indicates that there is much to discover in the borough and I certainly plan to return.

A mention also for Bronx Historical Tours run by Alexandra. She offers various itineraries – I chose the street art tour but there are several others outlined at

To her enormous credit she ran our morning tour even though I was the only guest. Many other operators would have cancelled.

Here are a few Bronx photographs depicting some of the scenes I encountered. I hope I have got the names of the artists right – apologies if I have made any errors.

Three Bronx photographs featuring murals:

Bronx Photos Murals

Bronx Murals – Daek William

Bronx Photos Murals

Bronx Murals – Sexer

Bronx Photos Murals

Bronx Murals – SinXero

Four Bronx photographs featuring street art reflected in vehicle windows.

Bronx Photos Murals

Bronx Murals – Sexer and Cope 2

Bronx Photographs Murals

Bronx Murals – Epic Uno

Bronx Photographs Murals

Bronx Murals – Werc and Cruz

Bronx Photographs Murals

Bronx Murals – Damian Mitchell

And finally, many thanks to this lady for posing in front of this mural!

Bronx Photographs Murals

Bronx Murals – SEE TF

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