Giclee Prints

What is a giclee print?

Most of the prints we produce are giclee. Giclee printing is a form of fine art digital print reproduced using computer technology. Giclee prints have become an established part of the fine art print world since the start of this century.

The advanatage of giclee prints over some other forms is the abity to produce accurate consistent colours on prints which last for a long time.

As with all production processes Giclee printing is subject to differing standards. As long standing members of the Fine Art Trade Guild we are also Guild accredited printers. To achieve certification our prints had to pass various tests. These tests assured the use of high quality papers, inks and printing equipment meeting specified chemical and scientific standards. By adhering to these standards we are able to assure customers that our prints conform to guild standards. If treated properly prints will last for a very long time.

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