Framing Pictures

Guidelines to help you to mount and frame a print.

Follow these instructions to mount and frame a print in a ready made frame. They are not comprehensive but are useful pointers. (These points do not include making the frame.)

1. Prepare equipment and materials: Print, mount, barrier board, from with glazing, backing board, tabs, fixings and string or wire. Knife, clean duster, hoover, tape, ruler and pencil.
2. Hinge the print to an archival barrier board. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the location of the print.
3. Hinge the mount to the barrier board.
4. Clean the glazing (acrylic or glass)
5. Insert the glass into the frame.
5. Position the mounted print onto the glass.
6. Place inter the backing board behind the mounted print.
7. Check for dust or other particles.
8. Fix the tabs attached to the frame to the backing board of the frame.
9. Tape the edges of the frame to prevent dust from entering the frame.
10. Attach fixings to the frame / tie string or wire for wall hanging.

Use archival barrier board, mount, and tapes to ensure prints do not become contaminated.

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