Pictures of Londons Bridges

I have been taking pictures of Londons Bridges for several years. I keep returning because, as with all London themes, there is something different to see every time. The London skyline is constantly changing and the lighting along the River Thames never seems to be the same on any two nights. Last night, when these shots were taken, the full moon over London made the vistas even more spectacular than usual.

This post includes four pictures of Londons bridges – Southwark Bridge, Tower Bridge, Hungerford Bridge and Westminster Bridge. The photograph below shows Southwark Bridge in the foreground with Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf behind. On the left of the shot one of the towers of the Canon Street Railway Bridge can be seen. The reflections of  lights in the River Thames make this image especially colourful.

Pictures of Londons Bridges Southwark Bridge

Southwark Bridge

The image below shows the same scene shot from a wider angle. The London skyline features more strongly in this shot and the “Cheesegrater”, “Walkie – Talkie” and “Shard” are all clearly visible. Although it was taken only a few minutes after the first image, Southwark Bridge is lit in pink and looks quite different.

Pictures of Londons Bridges Southwark Bridge

London Skyline featuring Southwark Bridge

The third shot features the Golden Jubilee Bridges, the pair of bridges which sandwich the Hungerford Railway Bridge. I like this shot because of the cloud over the bridge, just visible after sunset.

Picture of Londons Bridges Golden Jubilee Bridge

Golden Jubilee (Hungerford) Bridge

The last of my pictures of Londons Bridges features a classic vista. Westminster Bridge is dwarfed by the London Eye, which it links with the Houses of Parliament. This is one of my favourite sunset locations and this photograph was taken just after the sun went down.

Pictures of Londons Bridges Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

I hope this short post may inspire you to take a night time walk along the River Thames. Take the tube to Embankment, cross over the Golden Jubilee Bridge and walk along the South Bank to London Bridge, and you are in for a real treat.

I feature pictures of Londons bridges on my website. If you are need photographs for your home or office or would just like to browse, please visit the online gallery.