Photos of Shoreditch and Spitalfields

The “East End” is one of my favourite parts of London. Like much of the city is continually changing.

Shoreditch, rich in history, is one of the hubs of East London.  It became an increasingly trendy neighbourhood over the past fifteen years. Some would argue that the trendsetters have now moved on. But it still remains a vibrant location full of bars, restaurants, artistic locations and historic places.

The photographs in this post feature Shoreditch, nearby Spitalfields and images from a little further afield. They were all shot within the last few years and are typical of a large portfolio of images I have created in the area.

I have led many walks in East London and still manage to find something new whenever I visit.

Photos of Shoreditch

Brick Lane and its connecting streets are decorated with some amazing murals. Some have a long life, but others are pained over soon after they appear. This photo shows a mixture of long standing and now overwritten murals.

Photos of Shoreditch Murals Black and white Shoreditch

Photos of Shoreditch: Murals

The Jamme Masjid Mosque on Brick Lane was formerly both a protestant chapel and a synagogue. The building of the minaret featured here in 2009 was considered to be quite controversial. The fist image features the rocket shaped structure at night, and the second in the daytime.

Photos of Shoreditch Brick Lane Mosque

Brick Lane Mosque at Night

Photos of Shoreditch Brick Lane Mosque daytime

Brick Lane Mosque in daytime

The Beigel bake in Brick Lane is famous all over London. Its popularity means you will often see people queuing outside. The bakery is known for its Jewish style beigels / bagels.

Bagel Shop in Brick Lane

Bagel Shop in Brick Lane

Photos of Spitalfields

Spitalfields, which neighbours Shoreditch has a wealth of historic buildings. These two shops – Verde & Co and Donovan Brothers are definitely scenes from a bygone age.

Verde and Co in Spitalfields

Historic shopfront in Spitalfields

Donovan Brothers in Spitalfields

Donovan Brothers in Spitalfields

Christ Church in Spitalfields is a fine London landmark. It was one of the earliest “Commissioners Churches” built in the early 1700s.

Christ Church Spitalfields

Christ Church Spitalfields

Photos of City high rise buildings

The Gherkin and Heron Tower are a short walk from Shoreditch. Compared with with the images above they illustrate the diversity of London’s architecture. Buildings new and old are often seen alongside each other.

These two structures feature glass and steel – very much in keeping the style of today.

Gherkin and Heron Tower in Black and White

High rise buildings – Gherkin and Heron Tower

I have created several portfolios of images from Shoreditch and its surroundings. Many have been used by clients for offices and apartments.

For more information, or to see more photos of Shoreditch and beyond, please get in touch.

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