Photos of Blackfriars

About Blackfriars, London

This series of photos of Blackfriars in London is a shortlist prepared for a design client.

Blackfriars is a fascinating part of London. It is part of the City of London and is steeped in history.

Named after the “Black Friars” (Dominican Monks who wore black mantles) in the thirteenth century, Blackfriars is bounded by Fleet Street in the north and the River Thames in the south, Temple Avenue in the west and Queenshithe in the east.

The main features of this part of town are the historic buildings, the beautiful river front and the bridges over the River Thames.

Blackfriars Bridge is as traditional as it gets. Blackfriars Railway Bridge was reconstructed over a few years, reopening relatively recently.

But the unique structure at Blackfriars is the Bridge that never was. The pillars featured in the images below show the footings for the bridge which was never built.

Photos of Blackfriars

All images were shot of, or from Blackfriars over a five year period and are part of our London collection.

The first is a long exposure shot of Blackfriars Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral. The ethereal nature of long exposure shots creates a wonderful mood. (What is a long exposure image? – see *below.)This has been supplied to several offices, show homes and communal parts of residential buildings.

Photos of Blackfriars - St Pauls and Blackfriars Bridge in London in Black and White

St Pauls and Blackfriars Bridge in London


This image of the City of London skyline was captured on a wonderful winter’s day. The clouds set off the skyline beautifully. This print is often selected for leaving gifts as it features a classic London view.

Photos of Blackfriars -Black and White Photo of London Skyline from Blackfriars

London Skyline from Blackfriars

The next image features the three bridges of Blackfriars including the one that never was!

Photos of Blackfriars - Black and White Photo of The Three Blackfriars Bridges

The Three Blackfriars Bridges

Below is a night shot of the Unilever Building and Blackfriars Bridge. This was shot before building work involving monstrous cranes scarred the view.

Photos of Blackfriars - Black and White Photo of Blackfriars Bridge and Unilever House at Night

Blackfriars Bridge at Night

Lastly, another long exposure image (see *below). This one features Blackfriars Railway Bridge which was refurbished between 2010 and 2014. At the time of its reopening it was the world’s largest solar panelled bridge. I like the structure of the bridge very much and the effect of long exposure has been to even out the sky and water.

Photos of Blackfriars - Black and white photo of Blackfriars Bridge and Unfinished Bridge

Blackfriars Railway Bridge and the Unfinished Bridge

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these images or would like to see additional photographs, please click on the links below or get in touch.

Long exposure images

What is a long exposure image? It is an image taken with the shutter open for a long time, usually 30 seconds or more. By shooting long exposures movement in clouds and water is reduced producing an ethereal effect. This is visible in two of the photos of Blackfriars above.

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