Photographs of the Middle East

A Great Day (and Night) in Abu Dhabi and Dubai That fine day spent photographing Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2014 was very much down to a chance meeting. I had been exhibiting with my good friend Sami Nabeel. There we met Ziyad Alarfaj – who kindly agreed to show us around and with that vital gift to the photographer - help to get access. The day started very early at the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, a short drive from Dubai. As day broke over the mosque the blue light of dawn set off the white building Continue reading →

Joe Cornish Gallery – World Cityscapes

If you are in the North of England and would like to view some of our prints, why not visit the Joe Cornish Gallery in North Yorkshire? Joe is one of the UK's leading landscape photographers. At his gallery you will find many of his own prints as well as those of several other artists. For a couple of years now some of Martin Smith's work has also been featured in the gallery. Since the beginning of the year Martin has been one of the Gallery Photographers. A selection of nine Continue reading →

New York City Photographs

One beautiful morning. Five New York City photographs. Sometimes the weather and light just perform. They did on this beautiful Sunday morning in Manhattan. As day broke over the East River we were treated to breathtaking scenery. These images show the bridges at the Southern end of Manhattan as well as the city skyline in glorious colour. For more information on anything you have seen in this post please visit our website or call 01992 535344. Continue reading →

Photos of New York City – Brooklyn Bridge

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. I have visited and photographed the city many times. This is the first of a series of posts featuring some of my favourite photos of New York City. The location selected for this post is the Brooklyn Bridge. The structure is truly iconic and is one of the sights which immediately comes to mind when people think of New York City. Photos of New York City: Brooklyn Bridge in black and white I have chosen five photographs from our World Continue reading →

The 7 billion pound London Skyline

A report which estimates ten buildings of the London skyline to be worth more than 7 billion pounds inspired me to publish this post, featuring some of my images. Although some of the valuations look a bit spurious, the message is clear. London's iconic buildings are valuable. So here are the ten. Firstly, the modern commercial buildings. This is The Shard (estimated value £2 billion ). More images of the Shard can be found here. The Walkie Talkie Continue reading →

Bronx Photographs

The last few hours of my recent trip to New York City were spent with Alexandra Maruri of Bronx Historical Tours. This proved to be a very rewarding experience as I was shown round some of the magnificent street art of the Bronx. The work on display has been curated by the TAG Public Arts project. My understanding is that aims are two fold – to improve the urban landscapes within the Bronx and to give exposure to the artists who create the work. The project was founded by J. SinXero Beltran. A Continue reading →

Panoramic Photographs of the London Skyline

I have spent a lot of nights over the past few weeks photographing the City of London at night. I have been concentrating on panoramic photographs of the city skyline. Whenever I do this I realise just how much the skyline keeps changing . In this post I have taken the opportunity of delving into the archive and am featuring five images made over the last decade and more. The first image features the new London skyline. Most of the buildings on the horizon did not exist a few years ago. This Continue reading →

Photos of San Francisco

I have just spent a few days in San Francisco. Not a city I know well, but ask anyone and they will tell you it is one of the most beautiful in the US. It is also easy to spend time in. Union Square, Haight - Ashbury, the Golden Gate Park, the wharves and waterfront, Alcatraz and Sausalito all warrant a visit or two. Before deciding how best to photograph it I needed to explore the main attractions. Whilst there are a lot of interesting spots in the city it was the two main bridges that I was Continue reading →

Photos of Hong Kong

I have been lucky enough to visit Hong Kong many times. I have worked there on numerous occasions and more recently visited en route to other Asian destinations. Hong Kong is a photographers paradise offering a diverse array of subjects. I am featuring a few in this short post. For those who don't know the city most of its land mass is in the North on the Kowloon side. Across Victoria Harbour in the south is Hong Kong Island. Here you will find the Central Business District as well as many other Continue reading →