Why I like this photograph of Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

Photograph of QE II Bridge, Dartford at Sunset

QE II Bridge, Dartford at Sunset

This is a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. The bridge forms part of the Dartford Crossing over the River Thames. It takes traffic Southbound over the river, whilst the Dartford Tunnel takes vehicles in the opposite direction.

This image was several years in the making. Having admired this structure for a very long time I have often visited the same location  to photograph the bridge. I have brought other photographers here at various times.

I really wanted to capture the bridge on a day when the weather and lighting created the mood I was seeking.  Last Friday was the day this was possible. As I needed to be in nearby Gravesend early the next morning, I checked  the weather forecast, wind and tide, decided to stay overnight in Dartford. This would allow me as long as it took as my lodging was just a short walk from my favourite vantage point.

I waited several hours as the light and weather changed. The success of  this type of shot depends on conditions beyond the photographer’s control. Because of this I photographed the scene frequently. It is so important to create images at intervals, as you never know what will happen next. The best images do not reveal themselves until they can all be reviewed at the end of the shoot.  As night fell the sky changed colour from day time blue, to yellow or pink, then night time blue and finally black. The clouds moved unpredictably, something else that always increases  the photographic challenge. The lights of the bridge, traffic and nearby buildings added to the beauty of the scene as they do to many urban images. Their effect is greater in “crossover light” as day becomes night.

On this evening everything came together – the weather, the clouds, and a beautiful sunset all adding drama. I am very happy with this image. Another case of the harder I work the luckier I get!

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