Office art ideas – Colour prints of London

London Prints as Office Art

Today London is one of the most vibrant cities in the World. Its skylines are immediately recognisable. Pictures of the City have been chosen as wall art for many of London’s offices and homes. This post is from an occasional series intended to help businesses on the look out for office art ideas. Here I am featuring colour prints from our London Skylines and London Landmarks collections.

The photographs featured were all shot at night time. All have been chosen as office art by clients in the UK and overseas. The saturated colours show off the city beautifully. And being night time shots they show some of London’s unique landmarks at their best.

So let’s look at some images.

The London Skyline

This image shows the London skyline, photographed in mid 2013. It was taken shortly after the  Walkie Talkie Building (at 20 Fenchurch Street) completed the city’s new look panorama.

Office art ideas - print of River Thames and the City of London Skyline at night

City of London Skyline

Battersea Power Station

The next shot is an unusual take on Battersea Power Station. I have photographed the building from the same spot many times. But I was only lucky enough to see it lit like this on one occasion.

Office art ideas - print of Battersea Power Station in Red and White at night

Battersea Power Station in Red and White

Tower Bridge

The third image shows Tower Bridge lit during the London Olympics in 2012.  Tower Bridge is perhaps London’s most recognisable landmark.  I have photographed it illuminated in almost every colour combination imaginable.

Office art ideas - print of Tower Bridge lit in Red and Blue at night.

Tower Bridge in 2012

City of London from Blackfriars

This photograph is a personal favourite. It shows the City of London skyline beneath spectacular lighting of Blackfriars Bridge.  I  like the way the detail of the bridge frames the new London skyscrapers in the background.

Office art ideas - print of Blackfriars Bridge and the City Skyline at night

Blackfriars Bridge and the City Skyline

The City – old and new

The penultimate  image shows a juxtaposition of the modern city and its traditional roots. A distant Tower Bridge can be seen between contemporary offices.

Office art ideas - print of Tower bridge seen between London offices

Tower Bridge at night

St Pauls Cathedral and Blackfriars

The final picture shows St Pauls Cathedral behind Blackfriars Bridge lit in purple. London’s Bridges make a fine series of prints and have been chosen, in their own right, by companies as office art ideas.

Office art ideas - print of St Pauls and Black friars Bridge in purple at night

St Pauls and Black friars Bridge

Other office art ideas

These image come from a large collection of photographs of London. They can be supplied as framed prints, on canvas or as acrylic panels. We have also been working on some extreme size images. These are suitable for reproduction in various other formats. For more information on any of the images featured in this post or for help with office art ideas, please get in touch.


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