Hertford Heritage Trail

A few months ago a number of blue plaques appeared in and around the town centre of Hertford. Each was attached to a significant building which became part of the Hertford Heritage Trail.

Hertford is a charming town 25 miles north of London with an interesting history. As the county town of Hertfordshire it is home to twenty thousand people. I became one of the twenty thousand a few years ago.

As a resident of Hertford I had captured a number of images of the town over the years. In August 2017 I decided to use the Hertford Heritage Trail as a basis for adding some more. This selection features several images created recently with a few older photographs interspersed where I had them in my library. There are also a few gaps. Please check back occasionally as these will be filled over time.

The trail can start anywhere, but I have followed the route suggested by the Tourist Information Centre in the centre of town. A map and description of the Hertford Heritage Trail can be found here.

1. Hertford Castle

Hertford Heritage Trail Hertford castle in Winter

Hertford Castle in Winter

2. 25 Castle Street

Hertford Heritage Trail 25 Castle Street

25 Castle Street

3. 12 – 14 Parliament Square

Hertford Heritage Trail 12 to 14 Parliament Square

12 to 14 Parliament Square

4. Green Dragon Vaults – the Green Dragon Inn

Hertford Heritage Trail Green Dragon Vaults

Green Dragon Vaults

5. 1 Fore Street

Hertford Heritage Trail 1 Fore Street

1 Fore Street

6. War Memorial

Hertford Heritage Trail Hertford War Memorial

Hertford War Memorial

7. Bayley Hall

Hertford Heritage Trail Bayley Hall

Bayley Hall

8. Shire Hall

Hertford Heritage Trail Shire Hall

Shire Hall

9. Egyptian House

Hertford Heritage Trail Egyptian House architectural detail

Egyptian House architectural detail

10. Samuel Stone

I have cheated here. The heritage trail includes a Samuel Stone plaque which now sits over a bar on Fore Street. This statue of Samuel Stone, found close to Hertford Theatre is much more attractive and was photographed last autumn.

Hertford Heritage Trail Samuel Stone Statue

Samuel Stone Statue in Hertford

11. Corn Exchange

Hertford Heritage Trail Corn Exchange

Hertford Corn Exchange

12. The Former Post Office

Hertford Heritage Trail Old Post Office Building

Old Post Office Building

13. Masters House

14. The Former Ram Inn

Hertford Heritage Trail Former Ram Inn

Dog and Whistle (Former Ram Inn)

15. Christ’s Hospital

Hertford Heritage Trail Bluecoats Christs Hospital

Gate Statues Christ’s Hospital

16. Hertford East Station

Hertford Heritage Trail Hertford East Station

Hertford East Station

17. The Priory / St John’s Church

Hertford The Priory St Johns Catholic Church

The Priory St Johns Catholic Church

18. Quaker Meeting House

Hertford Heritage Trail Quaker Meeting House

Quaker Meeting House

19. Hertford Museum

Hertford Heritage Trail Hertford Museum

Hertford Museum

20. Lombard House

Hertford Heritage Trail Lombard House

Lombard House

21. Old Cross Library

Hertford Heritage Trail Old Cross Library

Old Cross Library

22. McMullen and Sons

Hertford Heritage Trail McMullen and Sons Limited

McMullen and Sons Limited

23. Hartham Chapel

Hertford Heritage Trail Hartham Chapel

Hartham Chapel

24. Prince Albert Cottages

Hertford Price Albert Cottages

Price Albert Cottages

25. W E Johns

The former home of the Biggles author is the house to the right of the streetlamp.


Hertford – Home of WE Johns

26. Old Cross Post Office

Hertford Heritage Trail Old Cross Post Office

Former Old Cross Post Office

27. Wallace House

28. Yeomanry House

Hertford Heritage Trail Yeomanry House

Yeomanry House

29. 50 St Andrew Street

Hertford Heritage Trail 50 St Andrew Street

50 St Andrew Street

30. 43 St Andrew Street

Hertford Heritage Trail 43 St Andrew Street

43 St Andrew Street

31. North Road House

I believe North Road House is a private residence, so only the sign on the gate is shown here.

Hertford Heritage Trail North Road House

North Road House

32. Former Ebeneezer Chapel

I need to do some more research to locate this building. Please check back later.

33. Elsden Photographer

I need to do some more research to locate this building. Please check back later.

34. Sele Mill

Hertford Heritage Trail Sele Mill

Sele Mill

35. County Hospital

Hertford Heritage Trail Hertford County Hospital

Hertford County Hospital

36. 37d West Street

37. Hale’s Free Grammar School

Hertford Heritage Trail Hale's Free Grammar School

Hale’s Free Grammar School

38. School of Industry for Girls

Hertford Heritage Trail

School of Industry for Girls

39. The County Gaol

No picture is shown here. The Gaol was razed to the ground before offices were built on its site.

40. Former Addis Site

Hertford Heritage Trail Former Addis Site

Former Addis Site

41. Port Hill House / Post House

This post is (and will probably always be) in development. I will try to improve the images as I wander around town over time. If you would like to know more about these or any other images of Hertford please get in touch.


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