The 7 billion pound London Skyline

A report which estimates ten buildings of the London skyline to be worth more than 7 billion pounds inspired me to publish this post, featuring some of my images. Although some of the valuations look a bit spurious, the message is clear. London’s iconic buildings are valuable.

So here are the ten. Firstly, the modern commercial buildings. This is The Shard (estimated value £2 billion ). More images of the Shard can be found here.

London Skyline: The Shard at Dusk

London Skyline: The Shard at Dusk

The Walkie Talkie (estimated value £800 million ) at 20 Fenchurch Street. London old and new as traditional buildings front the 21st Century Walkie Talkie building.

London Skyline - The Walkie Talkie Building

London Skyline – The Walkie Talkie Building

The Cheesegrater (estimated value £850 million ). The Cheesegrater is the name adopted by the Leadenhall Building. This picture shows the Cheesegrater on the right with a cameo appearance by the Lloyd’s building to the left.

London Skyline - The Cheesgrater

London Skyline – The Cheesgrater

Tower 42 (estimated value £400 million ). Tower 42 was once the tallest building in London, a statistic now seems an age ago. More images of Tower 42 can be found here.

London Skyline - Tower 42

London Skyline – Tower 42

Heron Tower (estimated value £400 million ). Until recently the new kid on the block.  A quite magnificent structure. More images of Heron Tower can be found here.

London Skyline - Heron Tower

London Skyline – Heron Tower

The Gherkin (estimated value £650 million ) at 30 St Mary Axe. Now ten years old, the Gherkin is seen here in front of the most dramatic of skies. More images of the Gherkin  can be found here.

London Skyline - The Gherkin

London Skyline – The Gherkin

Canary Wharf (estimated value £680 million ). This is the Canary Wharf skyline. Canary Wharf  is most commonly associated with One Canada Square, the pointed building just left of centre in this shot. More images of Canary Wharf can be found here.

London Skyline - Canary Wharf

London Skyline – Canary Wharf

BT Tower (estimated value £150 million – land value only). When the BT Tower, then the Post Office Tower was built in the 1960’s it had a futuristic look. Can the same still be said today?

London Skyline - Telecom Tower

London Skyline – Telecom Tower

The London Eye (estimated value £50 million – land value only). Today the Eye is one of the structures which most recognisably depicts the London Skyline. More images of the London eye can be found here.

London Skyline - The London Eye

London Skyline – The London Eye

Then on to two historic buildings. How on earth can you value either of them?!!

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (estimated value £900 million ). Big Ben with the London Eye sneaking into the bottom corner.  More images of Big Ben can be found here.

Big Ben and the London Eye

Big Ben

St Pauls Cathedral (estimated value £300 million – land value only). This iconic view of St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge is set off beautifully by the cloud patterns in the sky. More images of St Pauls Cathedral can be found here.

St Pauls Cathedral and the City Skyline

St Pauls Cathedral and the City Skyline



If you would like to see more images of London’s architecture or skyline please get in touch. I have been photographing the changing skyline for several years and have many shots which would now be considered of historical interest. For more information on anything you have seen in this post please visit our website or call 01992 535344.




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